Hi there! I’m Ruslan Magana Vsevolodovna

I’m a Cloud Architect a Data Scientist and a Physicist.

Scientifical studies

I am a self-motivated and ambitious data scientist with specialised knowledge in database applications analyses, data analyses and reports generation to propel project success.

I am Data Scientist and Data Engineer at Capgemini. I was Data Engineer at Reply I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) at Genova INFN developing theoretical models for nuclear research. My main role was to develop libraries and tools for the Nuclear Physics Community.

I was committed to provide high quality computations for nuclear physics, and I love to engage my colleagues into new technologies such as Machine Learning. Checkout my curriculum vitae here.

Cloud Architect & Data Scientist

My professional background includes crafting algorithms, making use of machine learning to mine, make sense of data, and using data visualization to present it to decision-makers. I am instrumental in analyzing and delivering quantitative and qualitative research based solutions that reduce redundancy, improve accuracy and efficiency, and achieve organizational objectives.

I have the ability to expand existing data delivery platforms and creating data systems that optimize data management, capturing, and quality.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any thoughts, comments, or questions about my work—I’m always interested in making new professional acquaintances. You can checkout some of the projects that I have https://stackmuncher.com/ruslanmv in addition you can visit Cloud-Data-Science.com.

Free time

In my free time, I like to be with my family around and visit new places. I like also have discussions about the culture of each new place I visit. Learn new languages and discover new people. I’m also in love to write topics about Data Science and Data Engineering Check out my Blog!

I like open source projects Github profile to see my projects and get in touch!

Oaxaca Mexico
Oaxaca Mexico

I also really enjoy public speaking and sharing my experiences in Science. You can checkout some my videos in Youtube.