Time has come!

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I finally managed to find some time to revamp my old website! My previous website was an old-fashioned Wordpress based website, self hosted on my little server and I wasn’t updating it so frequently.

Unfortunately, Wordpress turned out to be not exactly the best tool to fit my website. It was really slow at loading and was a target of several attacks in the last years.

It was really time to make it stress-free and find a better place to host him.

I decided to switch to Jekyll and Github Pages. The former is a static website generator, written in Ruby. It basically allows to create static websites starting from markdown files, applying themes & plugins and all the customization needed to actually create a fully functional website. Github Pages is instead a service offered by Github to host static HTML files on their platform. Github Pages supports Jekyll websites! This means that you can create a repository with your Jekyll website, push it to Github, and see the built website directly on Github Pages.

Thanks to this I don’t have to think about hosting my website anymore.

I hope you enjoy it!


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