How to translate videos from YouTube with Python

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Hello everyone, today we are going to build an interesting application in Python that translates the audio language from YouTube into another language.

This interesting tool may be useful, for example if you want to see any video from YouTube that you cannot understand and you can translate the video into your favorite language. Moreover can be helpful to people who has visual problems and but can listen as well.

For example if you have this video in English,

and you want to translate for example to Spanish

or even to Japanese.


I have developed this program by taking the subscripts of YouTube and translating them, if they do not exist, then the audio is extracted, and is applied the technique of speech recognition and then applied the technique of text to speech then it is replaced the audio-video with the translated audio.

Notice that this program is not designed to translate musical videos or videos larger than 10 minutes. Because there are limits to the APIs used in this program. Moreover, the quality of the audio should be good.

Well, it is time to explain how to use this program, first of all, we need to create our environment.

Step 1. Creation of the environment

Installation of Conda

First you need to install anaconda at this link


additionally we need Git , you can download here.

You can create an environment called youtube-translator, but you can put the name that you like.

conda create -n youtube-translator python==3.8

If you are running anaconda for first time, you should init conda with the shell that you want to work, in this case I choose the cmd.exe

conda init cmd.exe

and then close and open the terminal

conda activate youtube-translator

if you want to use the notebook to run this app type the following commands:

conda install ipykernel
python -m ipykernel install --user --name youtube-translator --display-name "Python (Youtube)"

For this project, we need to install the following repository

git clone

then we enter the directory

cd Youtube-Video-Translator.git

then you enter the folder that has been created

cd Youtube-Video-Translator

and for today, we are going to run a simple WebApp so go to the folder gradio

cd gradio

and then we install all the requirements by typing

pip install -r requirements.txt

once was installed then you are ready to execute the app.


Step 2. Run the app

To execute the app just type


and then you will see

then copy the local URL and open your favorite web browserand paste it,

or just click and it will open something like


Then just for example click over the first example and click submit , you wait like a minute

Youtube Video Translator - Video translated into Spanish

and then play.

You can choose the initial language that is the source originally and the final language is the language that you want.

The previous English video also can be translated into German

and Italian

For more videos, you can visit live version of this program here :

Congratulations! You have played with me in creating amazing videos from YouTube with Python.


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